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My first piano

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

A couple of years ago, my family and I were in search of a piano for our home. We were browsing around in a piano store; we hadn’t found anything that really suited our purpose. The owner led us to the back room, where all of the “clunkers” were kept. In that room, there was an old looking piano that was quite pretty, with hand carved wood work. I liked the sound a lot, it only cost five hundred dollars, and it was so “rinky tink” that my sister didn’t much care for the action, and sound. Because of the reasons I have just stated, I decided to buy it for myself. (My Father paid for it to be shipped) Later, our very good friend in Michigan whom we met during the ragtime retreat, found a really good deal on a really great grand piano. My Father bought it for my sister and me. I don’t play my own piano a whole lot anymore, because it doesn’t keep it’s tune but for a few months, and our other piano takes forever to get out of tune. I also can make faster moves with my fingers, a little easier on the grand piano, so I prefer to play that particular piano most of the time over my upright. My piano is not my favorite to play but it is still a great piano for certain styles of ragtime and turn of the century music, I still play it occasionally, and it is still magnificent.

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